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Öhlins Fork RXF34 m.2 Air OTX18


Recorrido 120mm
Peso neto (g) 1698
Offset 44mm
Ajustes 15 clics de ajuste de compresión a baja velocidad
3 posiciones de compresión de alta velocidad
15 clics de ajuste de rebote



Say hello to the new RXF34 m.2, a short-travel Trail fork that complements the successful line of forks of the Swedish brand, Öhlins. The first single-crown MTB fork was the RXF34 m.1, but this version has little in common with the original. The RXF34 m.2 has a new chassis designed with bending patterns for more precise steering and offers 15 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment, 3 high-speed compression positions with a platform of pedal and 15 clics of rebound adjuster.

The system has excellent sensitivity to small potholes and keeps the wheel in place on the toughest roads.

The RXF34 m.2 features OTX technology. The OTX 18 is 27% lighter than its predecessor TTX18, which is in the section of descent forks, while the RXF34 m.2 has been developed focusing on traction and control, thanks to being a light and rigid fork.

With a perfect balance of traction, stiffness and weight, you can simply charge, aim and shoot, knowing that the RXF34 will get you there.

Hydraulic optimized for trail – OTX 18

34mm bars

29″ wheels

44mm Off set

120mm travel

Floating shaft design to minimize friction

Valid for eMTB

160mm rear mount rotor size, max.203mm

Maximum tyre size 29×2.6″

Weight 1698g without volume spacers

Shaft to crown 541mm to 130mm stroke